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Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center

3 Factors in Cosmetic Surgery Costs

One of the first things patients want to know when considering a cosmetic surgery procedure is how much the surgery will cost. Needless to say the final cost of any surgery depends on several factors, some of which can be predicted and others which may be unique to the circumstances. Despite some contingencies, there are Read More.

Top 3 Cosmetic Procedures

When combined with healthy lifestyle choices, there are a number of ways cosmetic surgery can help women and men bring out the best in their bodies. Three of the most popular and effective procedures I perform are BOTOX® Cosmetic, breast augmentation surgery, and liposuction. BOTOX® Increasingly prominent wrinkles on our faces are an inevitable part Read More.

3 Nonsurgical Solutions to Aging Gracefully

When it comes to getting older, some of us are able to face it with our heads held high while others of us fight it tooth and nail. I think the best approach lands somewhere in the middle of those two extremes, and a trip to the med spa can definitely deliver the right solutions Read More.

For Natural Breast Augmentation Results, Sometimes Less Is More

When you think about breast implants, the picture that leaps to mind is probably not that of a woman with a slim, modest figure. Yet, the latest trend in breast augmentation indicates that an increasing number of women choosing augmentation have a more subtle enhancement as their goal. When it comes to natural-looking results, is Read More.