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What Defines the Perfect Breast?

Popular standards of beauty change with time, creating shifting preferences for different body shapes and types. Interestingly, a recent study found that dimensions may be more important than size for the idealized female breast. Determining what makes the “perfect” breast is a rather subjective process, but this study conducted by British plastic surgeons did find Read More.

4 Ways to Boost Your Cup Size

There’s not just one way to bring out the best in your figure, and the answer to what’s most beautiful is different for every woman as well. Here are a few options—both surgical and nonsurgical—for boosting your cup size. 1. Silicone Bra Inserts Sometimes referred to as “chicken cutlets,” silicone bra inserts are slipped into Read More.

Pros and Cons of “Weekend” Breast Augmentation

With today’s lifestyle focused on immediacy whenever possible, it should come as no surprise that many cosmetic surgeons are now advertising a “weekend” breast augmentation. The tagline is that you can come in for surgery on Friday and be back at work Monday morning with no one the wiser. Is this a smart option, let Read More.