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Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center

How to Prepare Better for a Mommy Makeover

Your mommy makeover is scheduled and you can’t wait. You’re so ready for this…or are you? Before the big day, make sure you’re extra prepared by creating and following a super easy checklist. Here are some of the key tasks to take care of ahead of time. Clean House Nobody wants to come home to Read More.

Can Weight Changes Affect Breast Augmentation Results?

One of the many added benefits that often follows breast enhancement is a newfound motivation to stay fit and healthy. This might mean adopting and sticking to a regular exercise routine and practicing healthy eating habits. However, many women express concerns that weight loss after breast augmentation will negatively affect their results. The short answer Read More.

How a Facelift after Major Weight Loss Takes Years Off

If you love everything about your new look after weight loss except for a thinner, sunken-in facial contour, you could be an excellent candidate for a facelift. Significant weight loss can have a similar effect as the natural aging process on your face, causing sagging skin and loss of facial volume. Here are the ways Read More.

Could Gummy Bear Implants Be Right for You?

Nicknamed for their unique consistency, which is similar to that of a candy gummy bear, gummy bear implants have become one of the most popular implant types used in breast augmentation. But with so many different options to choose from, you may be having a hard time deciding which implant type is the most appropriate Read More.