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3 Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Surgeon about Breast Augmentation

Patients considering breast augmentation in Tampa - St. Petersburg should come in to the consultation armed with lots and lots of questions. It is not only important to know what to expect and what the surgeon thinks would be the best options for you, it is necessary to ask questions in order to gauge your comfort level with the physician. Here are just a few questions you'll want to ask during your consultation. Make sure the surgeon provides a detailed and personalized response.

How long will my implants last?

While no implant is guaranteed to last a lifetime, they do not have expiration dates, either. Implants do not need to be replaced unless something goes wrong with them. Your doctor will need to explain all of the factors that can lead to rupture or other problems, as well as make lifestyle suggestions that will extend the life of your implants. Many implants last for 10-20 years without any problems.

What type of implant would you suggest?

A good surgeon will have a goal of making the patient’s entire physique look proportioned, attractive and natural. For patients with very little body fat or breast tissue, the surgeon might suggest having silicone implants rather than saline, since the rippling effect of the salt water in saline implants can be visible from certain angles in very thin patients. If saline implants are preferred, the surgeon may recommend placing the implants under the chest muscles rather than over for improved aesthetics.

What results should I reasonably expect?

This question is the acid test of the surgeon’s honesty. Any cosmetic surgeon that promises a perfect result should be looked at with skepticism. The surgeon’s response should be specifically tailored to your particular characteristics, and offer an honest assessment of what might go wrong along with a detailed review of the many benefits breast enlargement can provide.

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