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Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center

Over or Under the Muscle: Where Should Your Breast Implants Go?

Castellano - Breast Implant
When you decide that breast augmentation is the right cosmetic surgery for you, that is the first of many choices you need to make. Next, you need to think about shape, volume, projection and filling. Oh, and also, implant placement. If you haven’t read much about breast augmentation yet, that might sound odd. We all Read More.

How a Mommy Makeover Changes You Mentally & Physically

Happy young mother playing with daughter
Motherhood is all about giving. Your body gives everything to each of your children for nine months — and that is only the beginning. From forgoing self-care activities to sacrificing new wardrobe items to ensure your children have the very best, moms continuously put others before themselves, especially their children. Over time, this can snowball Read More.