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All about Breast Implant Sizes & Profiles

Tits correction. Plastic surgery
Getting breast augmentation isn’t as simple as deciding what bra size you want to be. There are shapes, profiles and materials to consider — plus, sizing isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Here is what you need to know heading into your breast augmentation consultation.  Consider Your Overall Shape Before you can determine what Read More.

All Tummy Tucks Aren’t Created Equal & More Need-to-Know Facts

Beach vacation. Beautiful woman in sunhat and bikini enjoying summer trip
Tummy tuck: it is a term we have all heard, usually in reference to how celebrities manage to bounce back so well after having children. But most of us don’t know all that much about this procedure. Before you jump into the process of getting your own abdominoplasty, here are some key facts about tummy Read More.

4 Cosmetic Surgery Lies from Celebrity Tabloids

Tabloid - Cosmetic Surgery
We all see the headlines in the supermarket checkout line. Many celebrities demonstrate a “more is more” approach to cosmetic enhancement that’s just not reflective of how subtle and natural cosmetic procedures can look when performed by a skilled surgeon with good taste and restraint. To illustrate the point, here are four examples of tabloid Read More.