3 Reasons Women Choose Silicone Implants

Woman in WhiteDespite the fact that they’re more expensive than their saline counterparts, silicone breast implants are by far the most popular type of implant chosen by women having breast augmentation. Here are three of the reasons that silicone currently reigns supreme.

1. They Feel More Natural

Compared to saline implants, which can sometimes feel overly firm, silicone breast implants contain a cohesive gel that more closely emulates the softness and texture of organic breast tissue. One of the biggest priorities many women have when getting implants is that they want their breasts to look and feel as real as possible, and silicone delivers the most natural breast augmentation results.

2. They Won’t Deflate

Although a rare occurrence, faulty implants do sometimes occur, and the way saline and silicone implants respectively respond differs greatly. When a saline implant leaks or ruptures, the liquid inside leaks from the implant and is absorbed by the body. Although the saline solution is designed to be harmless, the breast usually appears deflated within just a few days, and the implant will need to be quickly replaced to restore symmetry.

Silicone gel, on the other hand, is cohesive and will remain intact even in the event of a rupture. Although you’ll still want to have the implant replaced sooner rather than later, the affected breast should not appear visibly different from the opposite breast in the meantime.

3. They’re Less Likely to Ripple

Women with very little natural breast tissue typically shy away from saline implants because of the increased risk of visible rippling under the skin. When there’s less tissue coverage over the implant, silicone breast implants can be a great option because they blend better with the existing breast and are less likely to wrinkle.