3 Signs You May Need a Breast Reduction

Not all women in Tampa who want to improve their breast appearance will choose breast augmentation. In fact, many women are interested in going the opposite direction by getting a breast reduction instead. Here are three signs that breast reduction surgery might be right for you.

1. If You’re Experiencing Back Pain

If you regularly have back pain in the upper or lower back due to the excess weight of your breasts, a breast reduction might be a good option for you. The average breast reduction removes between one and two pounds of fat and tissue per breast. That’s a lot of extra weight to carry around every day.

2. If You’re Extremely Self-Conscious

It might be time for a consultation if you’re overly self-conscious about the appearance of your breasts or wear baggy clothes to disguise their appearance. Breast reduction surgery has one of the highest post-operative satisfaction ratings of any surgical procedure. Breast reduction can help women feel much better about the body they’re presenting to the world.

3. If Exercise Is Painful

If exercise and other vigorous activities have become so physically painful that you’re looking for excuses to avoid them, breast reduction surgery can help. Even with the help of a supportive sports bra, larger breasts are challenging to keep in place enough to minimize pain when you’re active.

The most important sign that you could benefit from a breast reduction, though, is if you’re unhappy with your appearance to the point that it’s impacting your quality of life. Breast reduction surgery can make a big improvement in your body and your outlook. Call for a consultation today if you think breast reduction could be right for you.