4 Reasons the Brazilian B Is Taking Off

woman in blue braBreast augmentation is a popular procedure that enlarges the breasts, but modern trends suggest what some might call a surprising turn. More and more women now seek smaller implants for a more modest breast size, creating the look that many refer to as the Brazilian B after models like Gisele Bundchen. The Brazilian B is gaining popularity, and for good reasons.

1. Natural Looking Results

While women once enjoyed the more high profile, obviously augmented look of Baywatch stars, today’s women are more interested in natural looking results. Smaller implants make for a subtler look that doesn’t appear too eye-catching or artificial.

2. Today’s Breast Implants Last Longer

Modern breast augmentation techniques and new developments in implant technology mean that today’s breast implants have the potential to last much longer than their older counterparts. The longer shelf life of implants leads many women to consider the long-term when they plan their breast augmentation. For those who wish to avoid having large implants into their older years, the Brazilian B can offer just the right solution.

3. Societal Focus on Fitness

Our society’s focus on healthy living and physical fitness has been steadily growing in recent years, which can make large breast implants impractical. More modest breast implants are easier to manage when it comes to certain physical exercises, allowing athletic women to maintain their workout routines after getting breast augmentation.

4. Better Proportions, Not Bigger Breasts

Most women who seek breast augmentation aren’t looking for larger breasts just for the sake of size. For the most part, breast augmentation patients are simply hoping to create better proportions. The Brazilian B can offer a modestly more curvaceous profile that enhances your overall proportions in just the right way, especially for women with naturally petite figures.

Four Reasons Why the Brazilian B Is Taking Off
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Four Reasons Why the Brazilian B Is Taking Off
Tampa breast augmentation specialist Dr. Joseph J. Castellano discusses the trend toward smaller breast implants and why the Brazilian B can provide the perfect look.
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Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa
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