4 Reasons to Skip ‘Vacation Breasts’ This Summer

mommy-makeover-imgVacation breasts are temporarily augmented breasts, created by a saline solution injected directly into the breasts. The idea is that women seeking a temporary enhancement for a special occasion can enjoy the short-term boost in cup size, which returns to normal after 24 hours. However, the procedure has some weighing the positives and negatives as women and surgeons alike consider whether vacation breasts are really worth it. Here are four reasons to skip vacation breasts this summer.

1. Procedure Is Not FDA-Approved

Vacation breasts have yet to be approved for safety by the FDA. While this doesn’t necessarily mean the procedure is unsafe, and vacation breasts remain perfectly legal, it does mean that it’s simply too soon to determine the health risks that could be involved.

2. Results Are Unpredictable

While the surgeon administering the saline solution can attempt to estimate the degree of augmentation, it’s impossible to predict the precise results of vacation breasts. Your breasts may end up smaller or larger than you’d hoped, making it difficult to plan outfits for your special occasion.

3. Unknown Long-Term Impact

Another reason to be wary of vacation breasts is that the long-term impacts are still unknown. While this doesn’t mean that the procedure is unsafe, there is a possibility that temporary breast enlargement, especially if done repeatedly, could stretch out the skin, contributing to sagging.

4. Price Tag Is Similar to the Real Thing

Vacation breasts aren’t cheap. The procedure runs at around $2,500, which is only slightly less than it would be to get breast implants. If you’re considering paying the price for just 24 hours of larger breasts, why not pay a bit extra and keep them for life?