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4 Types of Breast Implant Malposition and How Revision Can Help

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While most breast augmentations go off without a hitch — producing natural and long-lasting results — there are some instances when breast implants just don’t sit quite as they should. Breast implant malposition refers to any instance in which the breast implants move out of their intended position.

This can sometimes happen due to ineptitude from an unqualified or inexperienced surgeon, but more often than not, breast implant malposition is the result of unforeseen changes in the body’s tissue during recovery.

While an experienced cosmetic surgeon can utilize the best treatment plan for your goals, they can not predict how your tissue will respond to the new implant. Most breast augmentation patients hope the day never comes when their implants become shifted out of place, and understandably so.

However, with a good understanding of the types of malposition, you can catch the issue early on and head to your surgeon for revision surgery if needed.

Breast implant revision surgery is a fairly simple procedure to help correct breast implants that have moved out of position.

1. Riding High

When breast implants become pushed upward from the implant pocket, they are called ‘riding high.’ This position looks fairly unnatural and is quite obvious to the patient after breast augmentation.

2. Bottoming Out

Bottoming out occurs when the implants drop out of their intended pocket, causing the upper breast to lose fullness and distorting the inframammary fold.

3. Lateral Slide to Armpits

A lateral slide or lateral displacement occurs when the implants move horizontally toward your armpits. The breasts will appear unusually far apart.

4. Synmastia

Synmastia is the condition of the breast implants being too close together, the opposite of a lateral slide to the armpits. The breasts may be touching or the skin between the breasts may be lifted.

How Revision Surgery Helps

If you notice your breast implants becoming shifted to an unintended position, you should visit a breast implant revision surgeon like Dr. Castellano. During revision surgery, Dr. Castellano will reposition the breast implant before securing the implant pocket with sutures, or create a new implant pocket resulting in a symmetrical, natural appearance.

The exact approach taken for your revision surgery depends upon the circumstances of your condition. To learn more about your breast revision options or to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Castellano, please contact us online or call our Tampa office today at (813) 872-6093.

4 Types of Breast Implant Malposition and How Revision Helps
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4 Types of Breast Implant Malposition and How Revision Helps
Updated for 2019. Tampa breast implant revision specialist Dr. Joseph Castellano shares the most common types of implant malposition and how revision can help.
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Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa
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