A Closer Look at the Next Generation of Breast Augmentation

Woman standingStyles change with time, and the same is true of breast enhancement trends. In decades past, the mention of breast augmentation conjured up an image of large, artificial looking breasts, causing many women to think that augmentation wasn’t for them. However, as time and fashion both march forward, new preferences emerge. What will the next generation of breast augmentation hold?

Geographical Trends

The United States is a vast country. From the bustling East Coast to the heartland, from the bright lights of Vegas to Tampa’s bright beaches, women across the nation are pursuing breast enlargement more now than ever before. Just as each place has its own culture, each region exhibits different trends in implant size.

In Texas, the biggest of the continental states, it stands to reason that women prefer their breasts to be larger than life. While women in the Lone Star State ask for large C or D cups, the New York crowd tends to choose a smaller breast implant size to flatter their figure.

In Southern California, big breasts are sought after, and in the Midwestern states the trend is to opt for proportional breasts that provide balance to your figure.

The Right Size for You

No matter where you live, there is a wide range of breast implant options for you to choose from. When selecting the size of your breast implants, the most important considerations are always your appearance goals and your natural anatomy. From petite to voluptuous and everything in between, there’s a look for every woman and every zip code.