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A Quick Look at What to Expect after Breast Reduction

Woman in a light pink gown sitting on cement stairs.Many people considering breast reduction focus on the immediate, like the surgery itself, and the very long-term impacts, like buying a bikini without worrying about falling out of the top. But it’s important to know what to expect after breast reduction in a more mid-length term, like one year out from surgery. Here are a few things you should know.

How Your Breasts Might Look

Immediately after surgery, your breasts are going to be swollen and heavy. Slowly over time, however, that swelling and bruising should subside, revealing the final results of your breast reduction. Your breasts should appear smaller, as was the intent of the surgery, but should still carry a natural, round shape.

How Your Breasts Might Feel

After a year, your scarring may have become less visible as well, depending on your body’s natural healing process and how you scar.

Something not often spoken of when considering what to expect after breast reduction surgery is sensation. In addition to feeling lighter and “less,” your breast reduction may have affected the sensation you can feel in your breasts. Some women never lose sensation, but of those that do, many regain it within a year of their breast reduction surgery.

How Your Life Might Change

For many women, breast reduction surgery can be life changing. It can result in a smoother, more balanced appearance. It can help you gain confidence and feel more comfortable in your body. And, perhaps best of all, it can help you feel more comfortable physically, relieving back pain and making physical activity easier.

If you’re considering a breast reduction, learn more about what you can individually expect and what results you might be able to achieve in a consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Joseph Castellano.


A Quick Look at What to Expect after Breast Reduction
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A Quick Look at What to Expect after Breast Reduction
Dr. Joseph Castellano of Tampa, FL details what to expect after breast reduction, from size to sensitivity and how the surgery could potentially change your life.
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Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa
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