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About Us

Meet Permanent Make-Up Team

Tammy, Summer, and Ashley are the three highly skilled artists performing permanent color enhancements on thousands of clients. They specialize in corrective work, feature replacement, and both natural and dramatic applications that are customized to each client’s desired look. They offer four different types of brows, lash enhancements, basic and dramatic eyeliners, full lip color, and natural lip enlargements, as well as a host of unique applications, such as eyeshadow, eyelid brightening and tightening, scar revision, areola repigmentation, scalp color, and so much more.

These are real artists with extensive training and years of experience.

Tammy has been operating for over 20 years in various doctors, plastic surgeons, spas and ophthalmologist offices across the State of Florida. Tammy became a trainer in 2003 and proceeded to build a team of advanced permanent makeup professionals to supply the much-needed demand for advanced natural work and corrections.

Tammy and her team offers a vast array of permanent makeup solutions including:

  • Eyeliners – basic eyeliner, medium plain eyeliner, wedged eyeliner, winged eyeliner, smokey eyeliner, and multiple color designer eyeliners

  • Brows – multi colored hair stroke brows, highlighted hair stroke brows, shadow brows, ombré brows and microbladed brows

  • Lips – lip liner, full lip color and full lip enlargement in natural or lipstick look

  • Eyes – lash enhancement and eyelid wash

  • Cheek color

  • Natural scar revision

  • Areola pigmentation

  • Natural line correction

  • Permanent makeup corrections and removals

Tammy and her team utilize mineral based concentrated pigments that don’t contain metals, thus making them MRI Safe, long lasting and more natural looking in the skin. These pigments deliver unparalleled longevity and predictability on any skin type. Now you can have the colors you have always wanted. Everything from champagne blonde brows to soft purple slate eyeliners. Lips colors in browns, reds, berries, mauves, even almond. These colors carry so much pigment – even the nude pinks, and peachy browns are packed full of lasting color.

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