Just for Men: Cosmetic Procedures for Looking More Masculine

Just for Men: Cosmetic Procedures for Looking More Masculine

Just for Men: Cosmetic Procedures for Looking More Masculine

Think cosmetic surgery is just for women? Think again. For many men in Tampa, liposuction, laser hair removal and other cosmetic procedures can be used to bring out the best in their bodies, make their features look more masculine or just feel better about themselves. Whether you’re considering cosmetic surgery for personal or professional reasons, there’s a procedure that’s right for you.

Chest, Back and Torso

The appearance of male breasts, or gynecomastia, may occur due to weight gain, hormonal changes that commonly occur with age or due to genetic disposition. Gynecomastia affects approximately 65 percent of middle-aged and elderly men. True gynecomastia is the development of glandular breast tissue; although overweight men can have fatty deposits in the chest, these may dissipate with diet and exercise. Glandular tissue growth cannot be resolved except through surgery.

Cosmetic surgery can reduce the appearance of the male breast through a combination of liposuction to reduce fatty deposits and surgical removal of glandular tissue, restoring a more masculine appearance to the chest and torso area. Liposuction can also be used in the back to eliminate fatty deposits that are hard to target with diet and exercise alone.

Laser hair removal for Tampa men can permanently eliminate embarrassing back hair, hair on the back of the neck or from virtually any area of the body. Laser hair removal can also reduce hair density without full removal, thinning out arm or chest hair that grows a little too vigorously.


A toned stomach with “six-pack” abs is one of the standards of masculinity. Yet, even with dietary changes and exercises specifically designed to target the abdominal muscles, many men find that they can’t get their bellies as flat and trim as they would like.

Liposuction can remove the excess fat deposits that blur the stomach muscles, as well as slimming down the love handles that interrupt the trim lines of your waist. A tummy tuck will tighten lax abdominal muscles that contribute to the appearance of a “gut,” removing excess skin and tissue to reveal a smooth, firm stomach.


Putting your best face forward has never been more important than in these days of the highly competitive workplace. Older men who are caught in between impending retirement and incoming college graduates may feel concerned that visible signs of aging can lead to missed work opportunities and overlooked promotions.

Minimally invasive procedures like BOTOX® Cosmetic and injectable fillers can smooth away lines and wrinkles that contribute to a prematurely aged appearance. Facials and chemical peels remove the damaged skin cells that give your face a dull, worn look and reveal the healthy youthful skin below. Cheek and chin implants can bring out new definition in your features, while eyelid surgery restores a rejuvenated look to the eye area.

A facelift and brow lift can be combined to combat the most advanced signs of aging like hanging jowls, loose facial muscles and pronounced wrinkles. The end result will be a reflection that looks younger and more vital, without looking “done.”

The Finishing Touch

With the right combination of cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive procedures, men can enjoy a younger, more masculine appearance in the hands of the right surgeon. Whether your goal is to ensure your boss knows you’re absolutely essential to the business, or you’re ready for a fresh look entering your next phase of life, cosmetic surgery can help you meet your appearance goals.