Tampa Cosmetic Surgery Practice Launches Website Redesign

Tampa Cosmetic Surgery Practice Launches Website Redesign

Tampa Cosmetic Surgery Practice Launches Website Redesign now gives prospective patients the ability to learn more about cosmetic procedures while browsing before-and-after photos and reading patient testimonials.

Tampa, Florida (August 2012) — Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center ( has officially rolled out the new and improved version of its website. The new Tampa cosmetic surgery site contains expanded and visitor-friendly features including additional procedure information, improved patient photo galleries and testimonials.

“A website that looks good and functions flawlessly is absolutely vital for my current and prospective clients,” says Dr. Joseph J. Castellano, a cosmetic surgeon in Tampa and founder of the practice. “The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a life-changing one, and it’s important for my patients to have the most updated information available when making that decision.”

One of the most important features of the updated website is the expanded photo gallery, which provides before-and-after pictures for different procedures. It allows prospective patients to see just what a procedure will entail and what kind of results they can expect. This has been especially helpful as social networks become more and more popular among virtually all age groups, according to Dr. Castellano.

“Before-and-after pictures serve as evidence of a procedure,”notes Dr. Castellano. “Many of my patients excitedly post their own before-and-after pictures online to get feedback from their social connections. But this process is most effective when it starts even before a person decides to become a patient. Seeing results from others can help them feel more confident in their own decisions.”

Many other parts of the site saw significant updates as well. The website’s content pages have all been expanded, and new posts have been added to the site’s blog on topics such as preventing skin damage, the difference between types of breast augmentation procedures, and general advice for visitors. Dr. Castellano’s goal is to provide a wealth of information that can help a wide range of people considering cosmetic surgery in Tampa.

“There’s a lot of public interest in cosmetic surgery, but there’s even more interest in simply living well,” adds Dr. Castellano. “I’m here to help people improve their lives in the manner that best addresses the situation they’re in. For some people, a liposuction procedure is exactly what they need to help them achieve that perfect body they’ve been wanting. But others may simply require some helpful advice on nutrition or exercise.”

Overall, the goal is to help condense the overwhelming amount of information available on cosmetic surgery into an organized, manageable website.

“Cosmetic surgery can be an intimidating process,” says Dr. Castellano. “Information overload can stall action, but a lot of people are new to this and don’t know exactly what they want. The new site helps to break down that information in a way that people can easily manage. By quickly understanding the process, potential risks and results, people can more easily make their decisions.”