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Are 3D-Printed Breast Implants the Next Big Thing?

Woman looking at her breast implant options with her surgeon.The idea of having 3D-printed breast implants may be exciting or unsettling, depending on how you are picturing them. However, they are at the forefront of cosmetic surgery technology. But does that mean this breast implant option is the next big thing?

The Future Isn’t Quite Here Yet

3D-printed breast implants are in the experimental phase. They exist, and they have been used, but they are not yet on the market in the United States. In fact, it will likely be a while before they are, since FDA approval isn’t always a rapid process. So, if you want breast augmentation in the near future, don’t try to hold off for these.

Why They Could Be a Big Deal

3D-printed implants could change our approach to breast augmentation, but they aren’t market-ready just yet.

If the breast implants we have work well, why would printed implants matter? The biggest reason is customization. Current implants already make it pretty easy to get the exact size and shape a client wants. However, they are mass-manufactured, whereas a 3D-printed implant would be tailor-made for the patient.

Will 3D-printed implants deliver significantly different results? It is hard to say, but even if it does not, some people simply prefer individualized approaches, and this is about as individual as it gets.

Another aspect of this breast implant option that is of note is that it actually uses the client’s natural tissue. The implant itself is more of a mesh shell that is designed to dissolve within a year. Left behind is the breast tissue that grew to fill it in, which would mean clients who want a more natural look and feel would have a new option to consider. As such, it could be ideal for those seeking breast reconstruction.

However, given these implants are not yet available, it is best that clients consider the options they do have if they would like breast augmentation in the near future.

Are 3D-Printed Breast Implants the Next Big Thing?
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Are 3D-Printed Breast Implants the Next Big Thing?
Dr. Joseph Castellano of Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa, Florida explains 3D-printed breast implants as a future breast implant option.
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Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa
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