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Are New Laser Hair Removal Regulations Coming to Florida?

iStock_000008387591MediumPeople with unwanted, troublesome body hair finally have a solution with laser hair removal. The efficient light-based technology works by targeting a beam of pulsating light at the follicles directly beneath the skin’s surface. This mechanism disables hair growth, resulting in an overall reduction in body or facial hair after a completed course of treatment.

Leave It to the Pros

Although laser hair removal can work wonders, it’s a tool that should only be used with care and expertise. Unfortunately, there are a number of inexperienced and unlicensed practitioners who prey upon the unsuspecting and end up doing more harm than good. Not just anyone can operate a laser hair removal device correctly, and a current bill before Senate could go a long way in ensuring that only those with proper training and certification perform laser hair removal in Florida.

Laser hair removal isn’t simple one-stop shopping. The nuanced process requires not only the finesse of an experienced specialist but also proper, FDA-approved tools. Florida Senator Denise Grimsley has recently introduced legislation that would put additional regulations in place to protect laser hair removal recipients.

Smooth, Hair-Free Skin

When you receive treatment from a hair removal expert who’s been certified and licensed, you can be assured that your care is in the best hands. The treatment can be used on nearly any region of the body and can be adapted to treat a wide range of skin tones. A licensed, experienced technician carefully evaluates your needs and recommends the correct course of laser hair treatment for you, custom-tailoring the treatment to ensure an optimal outcome.