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Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift

For women in Florida, going from days on the beach to enjoying the variety of nightlife we have to offer means an added emphasis on looking your best. This is one reason why breast augmentation is so popular in the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas. Many women who visit my practice are surprised to find that they may get better results from an augmentation if combined with a breast lift. How are these two procedures different? And when should they be combined?

Looking Your Best

Women have unique challenges when it comes to breast appearance, as the placement and volume of the breasts can be affected by pregnancy and nursing. Even without children, age and activity level can impact breast appearance. Breasts commonly shift to lower placement on the chest, and can develop a “deflated” look due to this lower placement combined with volume loss.

Many women visit me thinking that breast implants can resolve these issues. While implants definitely add volume, they won’t change the placement of the breast. For higher, fuller breasts, a breast lift is necessary.

Combining Efforts

During a breast lift, your existing breast tissue is reallocated, placing the breasts up higher and reshaping to eliminate volume loss from the upper breast. Including implants during this procedure will create a fuller, more dramatic profile.
The short version of all this comes down to one thing: If you just want larger breasts, augmentation is the answer. If you want your breasts to look perkier and more youthful as well, you may want to include a breast lift at the same time. If you’re not sure which is right for you, schedule a consultation with me at my Tampa office and we’ll work out a strategy that’s designed to help you look your best.