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Can Breast Augmentation Alone Address Asymmetry?

Woman in a bikini with her hands in her hair on a blue backdrop.Clients seek breast augmentation for a variety of reasons, one of which is correcting issues of asymmetry between the breasts.

However, this brings up an important question: can breast augmentation fix asymmetry on its own, or are other procedures needed? The answer is a bit nuanced.

All Breasts Are Asymmetrical

Yes, all breasts have some degree of asymmetry. While some people are more symmetrical overall than others, no one’s left side is a perfect mirror of their right. However, not all instances of asymmetry are immediately obvious. In fact, plenty of women could study themselves in the mirror and be unable to tell any significant difference between their breasts.

Clients motivated to correct asymmetry usually have a significant difference between the breasts, perhaps vast enough that things like purchasing bras are difficult or the nipples are positioned in very different spots. In these situations, clients can consider surgery if these irregularities bother them.

Not All Asymmetry Can Be Corrected With Implants

Asymmetry between breasts is only a problem if it is significant enough to bother you.

Breast augmentation is an asymmetrical breast solution if the difference is strictly size related. However, this is rare. Even when it appears the difference is strictly size, once the implant is placed, other differences are likely to become apparent. Things like one breast sitting lower than the other or difference in nipple placement require other surgeries to correct. With that said, sometimes size differences are the most glaring, and a client might be happy to correct that alone.

If you are concerned about asymmetry with your breasts, now is the time to discover your options. Contact Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa to schedule your consultation.

Can Breast Augmentation Alone Address Asymmetry?
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Can Breast Augmentation Alone Address Asymmetry?
Dr. Joseph Castellano of Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa, FL examines the question: can breast augmentation alone fix asymmetry?
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Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa
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