Can Cosmetic Surgery Boost Your Career?

For a lot of Tampa cosmetic surgeons, more patients are citing professional reasons for wanting procedures done. And this trend isn’t just local to Florida, either.

Changing Trends

A recent poll conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) asked member surgeons about their patients’ motivations for pursuing surgery. About two-thirds of plastic surgeons reported that concerns over remaining competitive in the workplace were mentioned by patients as a prime motivator.

These numbers might be expected somewhere like Los Angeles, where the entertainment industry puts such a high concern on appearances. Yet, cosmetic surgery in Tampa-St. Petersburg is often performed for professional reasons too.

Numerous studies show that more attractive people have an easier time getting hired, are paid more and have better chances of getting promoted. Given that data, cosmetic surgery no longer seems like it’s just about your looks; instead, it can be more like a viable career investment.

Concerns over seeming irrelevant in the workplace are even more heightened in today’s economic climate and ever-increasing use of technology. Older men in particular have concerns that they may be pressured into an early retirement to make room for new hires who are just starting out.

While I can’t promise that any cosmetic procedure will get you a job or secure a promotion, I can say that the right combination of procedures can help you look younger in a matter of minutes. With the level of convenience offered by the new advances in minimally invasive treatments like BOTOX® and dermal fillers, there’s no reason not to look younger for longer.