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Can Cosmetic Surgery Breathe New Life into Your Career?

Years ago, cosmetic surgeryshutterstock_84699691 was considered off-limits to anyone but the rich and famous. The rest of the world could only sit on the sidelines and watch while celebrities had a little nip or tuck to enhance their appearance. These days, however, cosmetic surgery is more accessible than ever and a growing number of men and women are turning to surgery to not just enhance their looks, but also to improve their careers.

Equal Opportunity

Advances in medical technology coupled with an ever-growing demand have made cosmetic surgery procedures financially accessible to people from all walks of life. Surgical technique has also improved over the years, with quality cosmetic work offering beautiful yet subtle results, making cosmetic surgery appealing to a wider range of individuals than ever before.

A Worthy Workplace Investment

As the stigma of cosmetic surgery has decreased dramatically, increasing numbers of women and men are getting cosmetic procedures for professional reasons. The marketplace is as competitive as it ever was and many find that a youthful, healthy appearance enhances self-confidence and offers a career boost.

Bankable Results

Projecting an air of confidence can bolster business, help candidates excel in job interviews and make employees stand out when it comes time for a promotion. The restorative, rejuvenating effects of cosmetic procedures can positively impact a variety of careers, most notably those that involve working in the public eye.


Some of the top procedures that people feel help them advance in the workplace are BOTOX® injections, liposuction, tummy tucks and facelifts. Whether it’s to better climb the corporate ladder or to curry a bit more favor with colleagues, American workers are getting an image boost as well as professional advancement from cosmetic surgery.