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Can Liposuction Improve Your Health?

lipoWhile it’s clear that liposuction offers lasting improvements in physical body shape, is it possible that there are actual health benefits to removing fat from the body? Recent studies seem to indicate that this may be the case. How can lipo be beneficial to your wellbeing?

Body Sculpting Begins with Health

Maintaining a steady weight by eating right and staying active is one of the secrets to lasting liposuction. Many people considering liposuction are already in reasonably good health, but liposuction itself may offer further improvements.

For example, high triglyceride levels are an indicator of increased risk for cardiovascular disease and are also associated with kidney disease and diabetes. Although triglycerides are a type of fat, they don’t have an impact on physical appearance; measuring triglyceride levels can only be accomplished through a blood test.

A recent study was conducted on patients who had lipo as well as those who had lipoabdominoplasty (combination lipo and abdominoplasty) and abdominoplasty alone. The results indicated that, while mean weight loss was only about two pounds for liposuction patients and about four pounds for abdominoplasty patients, overall triglyceride levels declined by more than 25 percent. Fat aspiration quite literally improved health.

While these numbers reflect patients with a triglyceride level higher than 150 ng/dL, the fact that a cosmetic procedure can be beneficial to overall wellbeing is encouraging. Taking care of yourself by eating the right foods and exercising regularly is just good sense, but it’s good to know that there are health benefits to liposuction as well.