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After Liposuction

While your liposuction procedure may seem like the final step in achieving your ideal figure, it’s only the start of the journey toward your final results. A healthy recovery is critical in encouraging your body to heal properly and develop the results you’re looking for.

Request a consultation to meet with Dr. Joseph J. Castellano and learn more about what to expect both before and after liposuction. A Tampa Bay native, Dr. Castellano is well-known as one of the best cosmetic surgeons and body contouring specialists in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area.

What to Expect after Surgery

During your initial consultation with Dr. Castellano, he’ll explain the most important aspects of what you can expect after surgery. It’s important to keep in mind that the recovery process is just as important as the surgery itself when it comes to reaching your appearance goals.

Immediately after your surgery, you can expect one or more of the following:

  • Soreness

    Any surgery normally results in some degree of physical discomfort. Most people are able to manage any soreness with over-the-counter medication, but Dr. Castellano can prescribe you something stronger if necessary.

  • Swelling

    The treatment area(s) will likely develop some swelling that should peak over the first few days following your procedure and gradually diminish.

  • Bruising

    Some temporary bruising may result from liposuction. This should fade over the coming days and weeks.

Dr. Castellano may ask you to wear a special post-surgical compression garment or bandages following your liposuction procedure. The purpose of the compression garment is to promote optimal blood circulation, reduce swelling and expedite the healing process. Dr. Castellano’s staff will schedule your first follow-up appointment and provide a detailed list of post-operative instructions.

What to Expect during Recovery

While every person’s recovery process is a little different, you can expect your recovery to follow a rough timeline:

  • The First Few Days

    Immediately after your surgery, the change in your figure may not be apparent due to post-surgical swelling. Some soreness is to be expected, which you can manage with pain medications as needed. Prepare ice packs or bags of frozen veggies that can contour to your body to soothe any soreness and help reduce swelling. Light walking around the house is encouraged, as this will stimulate blood flow.

  • The First Week

    Your swelling may continue to increase during the first week and you may develop some bruising in and around the treatment area(s). Many men and women who get liposuction are able to stop taking any pain medications toward the end of the first week. Some people return to work after the first week of downtime, but others may take more time off.

  • The First Month

    Soreness and swelling should noticeably decrease during the first month. You can gradually return to light physical activity at Dr. Castellano’s recommendations, but continue to avoid strenuous exercise for another few weeks.

  • The First Few Months

    After a few months, your swelling should dissipate and you should have a good idea of what your final results will look like. You may still have some lingering tenderness in the treatment area(s). You should be able to resume normal exercise and activities, provided that the treatment area(s) doesn’t feel aggravated.

  • 6 Months after Surgery

    By this time, you should have noticeably slimmer body contours where the liposuction was performed. It’s important to continue to maintain your results with a healthy and balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

  • 1 Year after Surgery

    Any scars from your liposuction procedure should continue to heal and mature for 1 year or more following your surgery. By now, you should be able to see your final liposuction results. If you wish to further fine-tune your figure, you can schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Castellano to discuss your options.

This guide does not represent every stage of your recovery and your body will continue to respond to factors such as age, lifestyle and weight fluctuations. Provided that you practice regular exercise and healthy eating, you should be able to enjoy your new, slimmer figure for many years to come. It’s important to learn all that you can expect before liposuction as well as after to enjoy the most positive experience.

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