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After Your Mommy Makeover

Finally getting your mommy makeover is no doubt an exciting time, but it’s important to remember that the procedure itself is only the beginning in the long road to reaching your final results. Taking care of your body as you undergo the post-surgical healing process is critical in ensuring the best outcome possible.

Request a consultation to meet with Dr. Joseph J. Castellano and learn more about what to expect both before and after your mommy makeover. A Tampa Bay native, Dr. Castellano is recognized as one of the best cosmetic surgeons and mommy makeover specialists in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area.

What to Expect after Surgery

Dr. Castellano will explain the main points of a successful post-surgical healing process during your initial consultation. However, in all the excitement of planning your procedure, it can be easy to lose sight of just how important to the recovery period is. Recovery is a normal part of any surgical procedure and when it comes to a mommy makeover, taking good care of your body as you heal is essential for developing optimal results.

Immediately following your surgery, you can expect one or several of the following:

  • Asymmetry

    Especially when breast enhancement is concerned, asymmetry is often a normal part of the healing process as the breasts may experience swelling and implant settling at different rates. Asymmetry may also apply to areas of the body that have been treated with liposuction.

  • Soreness

    It’s normal for the areas treated during a mommy makeover to feel some amount of discomfort and soreness for the first several days and weeks following your appointment.

  • Swelling

    The treated areas will develop some swelling after your procedure which should peak over the first few days or weeks and then gradually subside.

  • Bruising

    Whenever the skin or tissue is affected, bruising is a common side effect. Any bruising you develop should gradually resolve itself over the first weeks of your recovery.

Dr. Castellano may ask you to wear one or more post-surgical garments, such as a special surgical bra or a compression bandage. The purpose of the garments is to maintain optimal physical comfort, minimize swelling and encourage blood circulation. Many women manage any discomfort with over-the-counter pain medications, but Dr. Castellano can prescribe you something stronger if you wish. Dr. Castellano’s staff will schedule your first follow-up appointment and provide you with a detailed list of post-operative instructions.

What to Expect During Recovery

Each woman’s recovery process is unique because of the way her body responds to surgery and the exact procedures involved. However, in general, you can expect your recovery to follow a rough timeline:

  • The First Few Days

    Immediately after your surgery, you should notice changes in your figure but the extent of your cosmetic results will not be apparent due to post-surgical swelling. It’s normal to experience soreness, which can be managed with pain medications. Using bags of frozen veggies as ice packs can provide a useful way to soothe any soreness and reduce swelling. While it’s critical to not overexert yourself, some light walking around the house is encouraged once you feel able.

  • The First Week

    It’s likely that your swelling will increase during the first week after your surgery. You may also notice bruising developing around the treated areas, such as the breasts and the lower abdomen. You may continue to take pain medication during this time, although some women discontinue after only a few days. If you work a desk job, you may feel ready to return to work at the end of the first week, though many women take up to 2 weeks away from work.

  • The First Month

    You should notice your swelling and soreness significantly declining during the first month after your mommy makeover. Unless your job requires a high amount of physical activity, you can most likely return to work by the end of the second week. It’s recommended that you begin slowly resuming light exercise to maintain your results and prevent your muscles from atrophying. However, it’s important to avoid more vigorous activities for another several weeks.

  • The First Few Months

    Within a couple of months following your procedure, you should begin to get a good idea of what your final results will look like. You may still have slight swelling in certain areas and some lingering tenderness. By now, you can return to your normal exercise routine given that your body doesn’t feel uncomfortably strained.

  • 6 Months after Surgery

    By this time, you should notice your treatment areas developing their final outcome from your mommy makeover. Your breasts should appear more youthful and proportionate, your midsection should appear more toned and tauter, and any areas treated with liposuction should be noticeably sleeker. Continue to maintain your results with a healthy and balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

  • 1 Year after Surgery

    Any scars from your mommy makeover should continue to heal and mature for 1 year or more following your appointment. Proper scar care, including moisturizing and keeping scars protected from the sun, can help ensure optimal healing.

This timeline does not encompass every stage of your recovery. Your body will continue to respond to factors such as age, weight fluctuations and lifestyle. However, you can expect to enjoy your new figure for many years to come provided that you maintain your results with a healthy and active lifestyle. Taking a comprehensive approach to your mommy makeover, including learning about what to expect before your mommy makeover as well as after, will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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