Cost Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

For anyone who thinks that it’s cheaper to continue shaving and waxing compared to committing to laser hair removal, think again. Laser hair removal in the Tampa area is the least expensive, least painful and most convenient method for permanent hair removal.

Lifetime Costs

With laser hair removal, it’s easy to see the total cost as a bottom line. You don’t get that luxury with shaving or waxing, so many people think these methods are far cheaper. The truth is, these costs add up significantly over time, and not just financially.

One estimate suggests that a woman will spend approximately 70 full days over the course of her lifetime on shaving, estimating about 15 minutes per shaving session, and shaving about three times per week. That’s a lot of time lost on personal grooming, especially compared to just a few sessions of laser hair removal.

And while disposable razors might be inexpensive on their own, those add up over time as well, totaling close to $6000 spent over a lifetime. And of course, this doesn’t include the costs for shaving cream, water use or moisturizing lotion that are needed too.

What about other hair removal methods? Well, waxing is far more expensive than shaving, not to mention more painful. And electrolysis, the only other permanent hair removal solution, costs far more than laser hair removal, is more painful and takes many more sessions, since each hair must be treated individually.

The Clear Choice

For men and women in Tampa who think laser hair removal is expensive, it’s time to look at the hidden lifetime costs for other hair removal alternatives in comparison. In the long run, you’ll get big savings on time and money by choosing laser hair removal instead.