Could a Nose Job Make You Look Younger?

It’s common knowledge that a nose job, or rhinoplasty, can improve your nose’s appearance. Indeed, some people are so troubled by the size of their natural-born schnoz that they get nose jobs while still a teen. A nose job can correct a crooked nose or resize a large nose for a more proportionate appearance, but is it possible that this popular cosmetic procedure can also make you look younger?

The Nose that Forever Grows

You may have heard that our noses continue to grow as we age. While this isn’t entirely accurate, it’s correct to say that our noses will change throughout our lifetime. This is because gravity acts upon our nose, causing the tip to droop and creating the illusion that the nose has become longer.

The Face Is the Sum of Its Parts

Because the nose is at the very center of our face, its appearance directly impacts other facial features. Therefore, a drooping nose or a nose with bumps on the bridge can negatively impact the face’s overall appearance, and cause us to look a bit older than our years. And a prominent nose can also make a person feel that their other facial imperfections are more apparent. A nose job is a simple facial procedure that can dramatically improve your look.

How a Nose Job Can Help

During a nose job, a cosmetic surgeon works to make the nose more visually appearing and in harmony with the entire face. This may mean shaving down a hump on the bridge of the nose, repairing an injury or deformity or lifting the tip. And it’s not just physical improvements that a nose job can offer. After rhinoplasty, many men and women experience a boost in self-confidence, which may help to create a youthful vitality for them.