Customization in Cosmetic Surgery

Many of my patients may not realize that at my practice in Tampa, each cosmetic surgery procedure is customized to the individual. This is because everyone’s body is different and is affected by changes differently. Also, each person has different goals for personal appearance. What are some of the factors I take into consideration when making alterations for each patient?


Body Type

It’s important to look at the body as a whole, not just the area needing correction. For example, if considering breast augmentation, a slender woman with a small frame would probably not look right with the same size implants as a taller woman with a larger frame. A large amount of liposuction isn’t required on someone with just a few trouble spots. And rhinoplasty must be tailored to keep the nose in proportion with existing facial features.



The procedure and technique I use often differ depending on how active a patient’s lifestyle is. To use breast augmentation as an example again, women who jog or practice other regular exercise may benefit from a smaller implant, as this would be more conducive to their current lifestyle. Alternatively, if you’re someone with a high-demand job and can’t afford to miss too much work, a more involved surgery may not be right for you.


Appearance Goals

One person’s tummy tuck is another person’s liposuction. That is to say, depending on how concerned you are about fine-tuning your body, a more subtle procedure can give you just as much satisfaction as a more involved procedure could deliver for a different patient. I take your personal preference and opinions into consideration when deciding on which procedures I think would best help you meet those goals.