Dressing Up Your Breasts: Clothes to Buy for New Implants

shutterstock_63904969Achieving your ideal body shape through breast augmentation can come with a wide array of positive changes, including a newfound self-confidence and even and improved quality of life. But with your new curves, you’ll also want to modify your clothing style to bring out the best in your enhanced figure.


Immediately following your breast enlargement, your cosmetic surgeon may recommend wearing a special bra to maximize your healing process. Once you begin to shop for new bras after the first stages of your recovery, it’s best to buy only a few at a time for the first couple of weeks, as your implants may still need to settle into position. You should also stay away from wearing bras that are overly supportive until you get the go-ahead from your cosmetic surgeon.

Bathing Suits

You’re probably eager to try on new bathing suits that flatter your new figure, but keep in mind that when looking for styles for your enhanced size, you want something that will offer both coverage and support. Halter-top bathing suits can be great options for women with breast implants because they tend to offer plenty of support, while still allowing for a subtle boost of cleavage.

Shirts & Dresses

To complement your enhanced shape, look for tops and dresses that are more fitted, rather than those that loosely hang from your body. Something else to keep in mind when shopping is that while a V-neck can be very flattering after your breast augmentation, this style can be too revealing for some situations. In a similar sense, dresses with a square neckline or that are strapless on only one side can offer a tasteful, elegant look while still showing off your lovely curves.

Dressing Up Your Breasts: Clothes to Buy for New Breast Implants
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Dressing Up Your Breasts: Clothes to Buy for New Breast Implants
Tampa cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph Castellano offers clothes shopping tips for women with new breast implants.
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