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How Life Looks after Breast Implants

Making the decision to get breast implants and finally undergoing the long-awaited surgery can feel monumental, but the transformation doesn’t end there. Life after breast implants is a journey in itself, full of rewards and possible hurdles. Here’s some useful advice for a positive transition.

Patience Is a Virtue

Bear in mind that your results will take three to six months to fully develop. Swelling and bruising need time to subside, and the soft tissue and skin of your breasts will gradually relax and shift to accommodate your new implants. Though you may be anxious to see the long-awaited results, don’t pass judgment on your final breast size until your surgeon confirms that the healing process has completed.

Take Care of Your New Breasts

You put time and money into your breast augmentation, and now it’s your responsibility to care for the results. Buy new, high-quality bras to support your larger cup size, and visit your cosmetic surgeon every one to three years to stay informed about the state of your implants. Maintaining a long-term relationship with your surgeon can help ensure that you become aware as soon as possible if anything changes in your breasts.

To Tell or Not to Tell

The decision to tell family and friends about your implants is a personal one, but it helps if at least one person close to you is aware of your decision in case any complications should arise during surgery. Decide for yourself how much of a “secret” your implants should be. While not everyone may agree with your decision, keep your confidence and your cool. Remember that it’s your body, your decision and your happiness.

How Life Looks after Breast Implants
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How Life Looks after Breast Implants
Tampa-St. Petersburg cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph J. Castellano gives advice to women on what to expect after getting breast implants.
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Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa
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