How to Get Beautiful Breast Augmentation Results with Subglandular Placement

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There’s a lot of debate about the ideal placement of breast implants, but there’s no one final answer. Each patient has different needs, and implant placement is an individual decision made in consultation with your surgeon. Although submuscular placement seems more popular these days, there are certainly ways that surgeons can get beautiful breast enlargement results from subglandular placement as well.

Using Silicone Implants

In general, subglandular placement looks best when using silicone breast implants. Although saline implants can deliver beautiful results in the right candidates, they do have a higher tendency to display ripples or folds. This occurs less often in silicone implants due to their thicker consistency, making them a more suitable choice for subglandular placement.

The Right Candidates

Ensuring that you’re a good candidate is also key in choosing subglandular placement. If you have enough existing breast tissue (usually a B cup or larger), subglandular placement can offer a very natural-looking final outcome. A good test is to check for at least 2 centimeters of tissue when you pinch across the upper pole of your breasts. Women with more natural cushion get better results from this type of placement as their own breast tissue helps disguise the implant.

Subglandular placement also lends itself well to mildly ptotic (saggy) breasts. Breast implants will help add volume through the lower part of the breast directly where it’s already naturally fullest for a very organic shape and profile. In the right candidates and in the hands of an experienced cosmetic surgeon, there’s no reason not to expect a superior breast augmentation outcome from subglandular implant placement.