Is “AirSculpt™” Liposuction Really Better?

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Patients who are at a healthy weight yet are troubled by stubborn pockets of fat that persist despite their nutritious habits and fitness routine may be great candidates for body contouring with liposuction. Because it can target isolated areas of fat, liposuction can be used to beautifully sculpt the body to reveal the shape and silhouette you desire. AirSculpt™ is a new method of liposuction that’s garnering attention, but is it really better than traditional tumescent lipo?

How Is AirSculpt™ Different?

AirSculpt™ promises superior results with significantly less downtime and no need for general anesthesia. During the procedure, the surgeon will use a laser that melts the fat in the target area while tightening the skin. Then, as in tumescent liposuction, a cannula is used to remove the fat with suction. Proponents of AirSculpt™ tout that patients are back to their normal routines within a few days and begin to see their final results in as little as two weeks.

Is Newer Always Better?

Beyond the specific type of lipo used, cosmetic surgeons performing liposuction must artistically sculpt and shape the body in order to create slimmer, smoother contours. Choosing a surgeon who’s highly qualified and experienced in body contouring is a much better way to ensure quality lipo results than chasing the newest methods and latest gadgetry.

Although some patients are under the impression that tumescent, often called “traditional,” liposuction is outdated and archaic in comparison to newer methods, tumescent lipo remains the gold standard among body contouring procedures after decades of delivering superior results and preserving patient safety.

Is AirSculpt Liposuction Really Better?
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Is AirSculpt Liposuction Really Better?
Updated for 2018 - Tampa cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph Castellano discusses whether new liposuction techniques like AirSculpt offer greater benefits than traditional tumescent lipo, and also explains the importance of surgical skill in achieving the best results.
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