Is Tampa the Breast Surgery Capital of the World?

Florida is all about the sun, the fun and the glamour. In Tampa, breast augmentation was once the province of only the rich and famous; today, cosmetic surgery is available to women from all walks of life. Is Tampa the breast surgery capital of the world? Not quite, but statistics show that breast enlargement in Tampa has remained very popular in recent years.

Surgical cosmetic procedures and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments are big business. Everyone wants to look their best, and many Tampa residents are willing to pay to do it. Our clients demand the best and latest treatments, so we only provide the best and most effective procedures.

Florida residents love to show off their tight, fit bodies, and so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the state was right near the top of the list of regions that performed the highest n

Unsurprisingly, the most breast enhancement procedures are performed on the West Coast, the home of the entertainment industry. However, what Florida and California have in common is the miles and miles of beautiful coastline and an active population that makes beauty a priority. Tampa has the added benefit of medical centers that are consistently ranked as being amongst the best in the United States. Call me biased, but I think that women seeking breast augmentation in the area have a leg up over women choosing the procedure in Beverly Hills, New York and other so-called capitals of cosmetic surgery.