Laser Hair Removal Before Bikini Season

At my Tampa practice, I hear a lot of misconceptions about cosmetic procedures, and laser hair removal is no exception. Men and women often assume that laser hair removal is a one-shot appointment. In reality, several treatment sessions are needed for best results. My advice to you? If you want to be all set by bikini season, start your spring cleaning in the next few weeks.


How Laser Hair Removal Works

I think the misunderstanding comes down primarily to not knowing how the process of laser hair removal works. When the device is passed over the targeted area, the hair absorbs energy from the laser. This trauma kills the hair, damaging the follicle enough that there is no regrowth. That’s what makes laser hair removal a permanent solution to unwanted hair virtually anywhere on the body.


However, there’s just one catch: lasers can only kill the hair follicle in its growth phase. If the hair isn’t actively growing, then the laser won’t have lasting effects. Since all hairs grow in staggered cycle, this means you’ll have to visit us a few times so we can catch each batch of hair at the right time.


Lasting Effects

Scheduling multiple sessions for laser hair removal is well worth it when you’re looking at the payoff: permanent freedom from unwanted hair. Just know ahead of time that your plan for becoming hair-free will take longer than one quick appointment. With only minimal planning, you can still be trim and tidy well before bikini season hits the Tampa and St. Petersburg area.