Laser Hair Removal: It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Smoother Skin Next Summer

Woman in WhiteWith summer drawing to a close, you may think there’s no point in getting laser hair removal now, and postponing it until next summer may seem like a better idea. However, fall and winter are actually the perfect seasons to begin your laser hair removal treatments, helping to ensure that your skin is smooth and hair-free come next swimsuit season.

How LHR Works

Laser hair removal is a permanent, safe and effective way to reduce unwanted hair on the face or body. During a treatment session, laser energy targets and destroys the hair follicles, preventing them from producing hair in the future. LHR generally works best on individuals with darker hair and lighter skin because that combination allows the follicles to absorb more of the laser’s energy.

While women love laser hair removal because it frees them from the burden of constantly shaving and waxing, plenty of men love laser hair removal too, especially for the reduction or elimination of embarrassing back or neck hair.

Why Winter Is Perfect Timing

Hair grows in phases, and LHR can only prevent future regrowth when targeted at the hair follicle during its growth phase. This means treatments need to occur in several sessions in order to catch each hair during its individual growth cycle. The best results will typically require a series of approximately six to nine treatments altogether, spaced a few weeks apart. During these treatments, it’s recommended to avoid sun exposure on the treated area. When all of these elements are taken together, it’s easy to see why the next few months just may be the perfect time to plan for LHR.