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Latest Trends in Breast Augmentation

Like every beauty secret, breast augmentation comes with certain appearance expectations that come and go. It wasn’t so long ago that bigger was definitely better when it came to implants, but that seems to be changing these days. Implants themselves are also changing, and so are the new techniques that may soon become mainstream.

Natural Results

If I had to choose just one word to describe the modern approach that Tampa women take toward breast augmentation, it would be “natural.” There’s a lot more interest these days in looking sexier and curvier, and less in looking obvious or overdone.

“Gummy bear” implants, or highly cohesive form-stable silicone implants, are another example of implant innovation that’s changing the face of breast augmentation. Potential future trends in implants include taking the idea of anatomically correct one step further by designing left and right implants that mimic the differences between left and right breasts.

Looking more natural includes more than just results; some patients are opting for a fat transfer technique to augment their breasts instead of implants. This procedure requires withdrawing fat deposits from the patient’s own body, which are then specially treated for injection back into the breasts. This technology is still pretty new, and currently costs more than standard augmentation for less dramatic results. But if the technology improves and larger volumes of fat can be transferred, this method could become a more viable option for more women. After all, beauty expectations really define cosmetic surgery trends, and that extends to techniques as well as end results.