Most Famous Breasts Through History

For modern-day women, breast augmentation is only the latest method used to enhance their figures. For thousands of years, breasts have been a source of attraction for men, and at times have even “shaped” history!

Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy, the daughter of Zeus and Leda, was widely regarded as the most beautiful mortal woman on Earth. She married Menelaus, becoming Queen of Sparta. Everything was going fine, until Paris caught sight of her. They fell in love, and she ran off with him, inciting the Trojan War. Eventually, when Menelaus caught up to her, he vowed to kill her. She stopped him by baring her breasts and begging for mercy.

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette is famous for many things, especially her dismissive “Let them eat cake” when presented with the plight of the poor French peasants, her subjects. A lot of attention was also given to her breasts. A set of porcelain bowls included in her personal dining set was cast from her breasts. Legend has it that champagne cups were shaped from her breasts as well.

Timmie Jean Lindsey

Although she didn’t start a war or her own line of dishware, Timmie Jean Lindsey has historically famous breasts nevertheless. As the first ever recipient of silicone implants in 1962, we have Lindsey to thank for contributing to the more modern breast implants now used throughout the world. Last year marked the 50th anniversary of her implants; she still has the originals to this day.