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Brazilian Butt Lift Q&A

Feeling frustrated by a lack of curves below the waistline is a concern for many women, both in the practical sense of having trouble finding clothing that fits correctly and also in feeling self-conscious about their appearance. Dr. Joseph J. Castellano helps women enjoy a fuller, more voluptuous figure with a Brazilian butt lift.

Below, Dr. Castellano answers some of the most commonly asked (and less commonly asked) questions he hears from women every day about the Brazilian butt lift.

If your concern isn’t addressed below, contact us online today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Castellano is known as one of the top cosmetic surgeons in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, and has helped many women feel better about their body shape with a butt lift.

  • I like the idea of a fuller bottom, but I’m not sure the Brazilian butt lift is right for me. How can I decide?

    Making the decision to move forward with any type of cosmetic surgery is a big one, and shouldn’t be entered into lightly. If you’re confident that you’ve read plenty of information on the procedure yet still aren’t positive about surgery, I recommend scheduling a consultation. When we talk together in person, I can explain more about the specific results that you’re likely to see from a Brazilian butt lift on your own body, which is something that no amount of Internet research can deliver. Many women find that a consultation answers questions they didn’t realize they still had, and helps them feel more reassured about their decision.

  • Does a Brazilian butt lift use implants? I’m worried my results won’t look or feel natural.

    Unlike implants, the Brazilian butt lift is a completely natural form of buttocks enhancement that uses your own fat cells to create a rounder, shapelier bottom for a result that not only looks very natural, but feels exactly like natural tissue, too… because that’s exactly what fat cells are. With a Brazilian butt lift, you won’t have to worry about implant-related concerns like position displacement or whether the edges of the implant can be seen or felt. Instead, you can simply enjoy a more voluptuous shape—naturally.

  • I’m skinny and have a “pancake butt.” Can a Brazilian butt lift help me?

    Because the Brazilian butt lift uses liposuction. to remove fatty deposits from elsewhere on the body, like the tummy or thighs, in order to transfer them to the bottom and add more volume, the best candidates already have a little extra cushioning that we can use to collect enough fat cells for the procedure. For this reason, very slender women may not see ideal results. However, an in-person physical evaluation can give me a better idea of how I can help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

  • I want to be curvier all over, so I’m thinking about getting breast implants and a butt lift. Is it okay to get both?

    Combining cosmetic procedures is very common, so it’s certainly possible to get breast implants. as well as a Brazilian butt lift. This is most often seen in women who ask for a mommy makeover after they’ve completed their families to regain a sexier, more youthful-looking body again. after they’ve completed their families to regain a sexier, more youthful-looking body again

  • How long will my Brazilian butt lift last? I’ve heard that the results go away after awhile.

    In any fat transfer procedure, I (along with most other surgeons) like to overfill initially in order to compensate for the fat cells that may not transfer successfully. This can give you more generous curves than you expected initially, which will settle into a final contour as time passes. This can give the impression that you’ve “lost” your results, but actually the fat transfer is a permanent process. After your Brazilian butt lift, you can expect your new look to be long-lasting as long as you maintain your existing weight.

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