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Brow Lift Q&A

Age-related changes to our bodies affect us all at some point, especially in our facial structure. If you’re unhappy with the way the skin around your brow and forehead has changed are considering a brow lift, it’s likely that you have a lot of questions about what to expect. For those with concerns that may not be easily answered by standard online resources, Tampa-St. Petersburg based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph J. Castellano addresses several issues below that he hears most often from patients.If your brow lift question isn’t answered below, contact us online today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Castellano is a skilled cosmetic surgeon who specializes in facial surgery, and adopts a personalized approach to cosmetic surgery that ensures that you have a positive experience from consultation through recovery.

  • I’ve noticed that my face looks older than it used to but I’m hesitant to move forward with cosmetic surgery. How can I know for sure that a brow lift is the right option for me?

    The aging process isn’t always kind, especially to those of us who are naturally prone to excess drooping skin or a loss in facial volume. Decreased skin laxity caused by the ongoing effects of gravity and aging can throw off our facial proportions and make us look far older than we feel inside, while a loosening of underlying facial muscles can further contribute to brow sagging.

    My recommendation is if you’ve done your research and still feel uncertain about whether a brow lift is right for you, to schedule a consultation. During your consultation, I’ll be able to assess your facial structure and help you decide on the right approach. It may be that eyelid surgery is a better option for you than a brow lift, or that a nonsurgical option like BOTOX® Cosmetic could provide the right results for your goals.

  • People keep mentioning that I look tired, worn-out or angry. I feel fine but I’m not sure what to do about it. Is this something a brow lift can help me with?

    Our facial appearance is responsible for much of our ability to express ourselves, and sagging skin around your brow can throw off your facial structure to give you a tired or angry look. By tightening up the skin around your forehead and lifting your brow, you can reduce the “furrowed” look that so many people associate with being worn-out or upset and give you a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

  • Sagging skin around my eyes has made it hard for me to see on occasion. Can a brow lift help me see better?

    A brow lift can be an excellent option for resolving an overhanging brow that shadows your vision, but if your vision is obstructed by drooping upper eyelid skin, you may be a better candidate for eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty. During your consultation, I can help you decide on the right option for moving forward.

  • People I’ve discussed surgery with mentioned something about an endoscopic brow lift and a pretrichial brow lift. Are there different kinds of lift options available to me?

    Depending on your physical assessment during your consultation, I often recommend one of three different brow lift techniques:

    • In an endoscopic brow lift, four small incision are placed near your hairline, through which I’ll insert a small surgical camera. The camera allows me to see the underlying structures for added precision when releasing the brow from the bone and holding it in place with sutures.
    • A mid forehead lift can be the best options for patients with long brow lines. This option involves removing a small area of excess forehead skin to realign and create better symmetry in the remaining tissue.
    • For a pretrichial brow lift, I’ll place an incision below the hairline to elevate the brow and suspend it with internal sutures. I’ll also remove excess skin to smooth out the appearance of your upper face.
  • Some of my friends have gotten full facelift procedures to tighten the skin all around their face. Is a facelift a better option to help me look younger than just a brow lift?

    Possibly, depending on your personal anatomy and what results you expect to see. While a facelift can offer results for lower facial contouring including the low cheeks, jaw and neck, a brow lift is primarily used to tighten up the muscles and skin around your forehead and eyebrows. Since everyone ages differently, the right procedure for you really depends on your specific appearance concerns and facial structure.

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