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Should You Consider Laser Hair Removal for Your Teen?

It’s quite common for teens today to begin shaving or plucking their body hair even at a relatively young age. With laser hair removal becoming more popular, many teens may express interest in the benefits of permanent hair reduction as a relief from repetitive and time-consuming temporary solutions, such as shaving, waxing and tweezing. However, there are a few important things to consider before allowing your teen to get laser hair removal.

The Results Are Permanent

While the permanence of laser hair removal is one of its main attractors, it can also be a drawback. Young girls and boys may love the idea of ridding themselves of pesky body and facial hair for good, but it’s important for parents to take into consideration that personal grooming habits are as much a fad as clothing styles, and over the course of their teen’s life, fads can change.

Laser Hair Removal Is a Medical Procedure

Although LHR is relatively simple and non-invasive, it is still a medical procedure. This means that many spas and salons that offer the service may not have the experience or training recommended to deliver optimal results. When performed incorrectly, laser hair removal can result in serious side effects like surface burns. Therefore, make sure to get the procedure at a licensed medical facility like a cosmetic surgery practice to ensure that the technician who performs the treatment has the right training and experience.

The Benefits

If your teen understands the permanence of the results and you find a medical doctor to perform the treatment safely, laser hair removal can have many benefits. With permanent hair removal, you can save yourself or your teen from spending potentially long hours on temporary solutions, not to mention the cumulative money spent on a lifetime of waxing or shaving.