Most Famous Breasts Through History

For modern-day women, breast augmentation is only the latest method used to enhance their figures. For thousands of years, breasts have been a source of attraction for men, and at times have even “shaped” history! Helen of Troy Helen of Troy, the daughter of Zeus and Leda, was widely regarded as the most beautiful mortal woman
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Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

A positive recovery is an essential part of a successful breast augmentation for Tampa, Florida women. Here are a few tips to help you minimize discomfort and help ensure a smooth and happy healing process as much as possible. Take It Easy The first tip for a quick breast augmentation recovery is to just remember
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Is Silicone Superior?

For women in the Tampa, St. Petersburg and Orlando area considering breast augmentation, silicone implants are the overwhelmingly popular choice over saline implants. Are silicone implants really that much superior? Or can you get the same results with saline, at a fraction of the cost? Why Silicone? Many women (and their surgeons) feel that silicone
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