Does the Fat Come Back?

As a cosmetic surgeon in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, one of the questions I hear most often is whether or not liposuction is permanent. It seems that there are a lot of rumors out there about lipo, so maybe it’s time to set the record straight. Understanding Fat Cells First, it’s absolutely true that lipo
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The Truth about Liposuction Alternatives

When thinking about body sculpting, your first choice is probably to visit a cosmetic surgeon for liposuction. After all, lipo is the most well known option for slimming and toning your figure, and it does deliver outstanding results. Yet, some patients may feel hesitant about committing to a surgical procedure, and are curious about the
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How to Lose the Beer Belly for Good

If you’ve tried dieting and crunches like crazy but still can’t get rid of that beer belly, you’re not alone. Liposuction can address the fat deposits responsible for causing your beer belly, which often remains unaffected by either diet or exercise. The Two Fats There are two kinds of fat in the body: subcutaneous fat, which is
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Liposuction for Men

Liposuction is the number one procedure requested by my male patients, and liposuction was also the top cosmetic procedure performed on men in the United States last year. What are the best areas of the body for men to think about having lipo, and what kind of results can they expect? Ensuring Great Results The
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The Finishing Touch

Getting the perfect beach-ready body can be a challenge. You eat right, you exercise and you’ve even reached your target weight. Yet somehow, you’re still looking at stubborn fat deposits in your abdomen, love handles and back. Our Tampa-St. Petersburg liposuction patients have found that the procedure can provide a finishing touch to eliminate those problem areas
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Med Spa Safety

The total number of medical spas in the United States has quadrupled in the last five years, according to the International Medical Spa Association. While this has the benefit of making self-improvement more affordable and easily obtainable, the convenience factor may come at the cost of safety. If you’re considering these minimally invasive procedures, like
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Liposuction Is Not for Weight Loss

It’s consistently surprising that so many of our patients believe that significant weight loss can be achieved through liposuction. And not only here in Tampa, where it’s swimsuit season year-round, but people from all over the country also tend to think of liposuction as a weight loss method. While we completely understand the importance of looking amazing on the beach, there is no surgical procedure that works as an alternative to a healthy lifestyle.

When Liposuction Is Best

Liposuction is a procedure that has very little recovery time, with almost immediate results. The procedure itself involves removal of fat cells using a hollow tube called a cannula. The cannula is inserted under the skin and used to extract fat cells from the targeted area. The result is a more streamlined appearance.

Liposuction is best when targeted at areas that don’t seem to be affected by either diet or exercise. Common examples include the abdomen, love handles, inner and outer thighs, upper arms, the jowl area, under the chin or along the neck. Of course, liposuction can be performed almost anywhere on the body.

For some of our patients in Tampa, weight loss is a byproduct of liposuction. After all, the removal of fat cells adds up to the equivalent of a few pounds difference. However, the procedure itself really isn’t designed to take off weight; it’s intended to sculpt and shape the body, especially the problem areas that exercise and diet haven’t seemed to help.

Before Your Procedure

We strongly recommend that you reach your weight loss goal prior to undergoing liposuction. Not only will this lead to more realistic expectations about the procedure, but also ensures that you’re healthy and strong before coming in for your appointment.