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Although there’s a whole lot of focus on laser hair removal in Tampa-St. Petersburg, there’s not much attention given to what happens after your treatments, or any special instructions that should be followed through he course of multiple treatments. Here’s a quick guide that should be able to help.

Taking Care

Immediately following laser hair removal, some patients notice that their skin feels tender or looks  a little red. This is a good reminder to baby your skin a bit, as it’s just been through a lot. Keep showers tepid rather than super hot, and avoid any exfoliating scrubs on the treated area. If your treatment occurred in a more sensitive area, applying ice can help you feel more comfortable. If you had your underarm hair removed, you should also avoid wearing any deodorant for the first 24 hours after your session. However, feel free to apply moisturizer to help soothe the skin.

Absolutely avoid sun exposure on the treated area, not just immediately after a single session but throughout your full course of treatments. If you must be in the sun, always apply a high-level SPF and remember to reapply frequently throughout the course of the day. If you use bleaching as part of your hair removal routine, avoid it for the first few weeks after a session.

Laser hair removal is a great solution for eliminating unwanted hair from nearly anywhere on the body. Following these tips for follow-up care after your sessions will help ensure that your results are everything you hoped they would be.