The Dangers of Bargain-Basement Cosmetic Surgery

Men and women considering cosmetic surgery at our practice usually have two primary concerns about going forward: looking their best, and not spending a fortune. While wanting to stick to a reasonable surgery budget is completely understandable, it is important never to skimp on safety just to save a few dollars.

Investigating Proper Procedures

A recent news story reported on a woman in Mississippi who saw an ad online for buttocks enhancement that would cost just a few hundred dollars. She booked the appointment and received the injections. A few weeks later, she was feeling ill, and there was rigidity at the injection site. It turned out that this “surgery” actually involved the injection of industrial-grade silicone directly into her back side.

It’s so unfortunate that this woman and others like her have been swayed by the idea of bargain-basement prices enough to put their health at risk. The truth is, there’s just no substitute for receiving a medical procedure from anyone other than a trained medical professional in an approved surgical facility.

Cosmetic procedures are still medical in nature, and need to be treated as such. Would you feel comfortable trusting your life-saving heart bypass surgery to the lowest bidder, or would you want the most skilled doctor with the most trusted reputation you could find? Taking that approach toward cosmetic procedures as well will ensure far more peace of mind and much better results than just looking for the best deal.