The Finishing Touch

Getting the perfect beach-ready body can be a challenge. You eat right, you exercise and you’ve even reached your target weight. Yet somehow, you’re still looking at stubborn fat deposits in your abdomen, love handles and back. Our Tampa-St. Petersburg liposuction patients have found that the procedure can provide a finishing touch to eliminate those problem areas and achieve a better body shape.

The Limitations of Dieting

It’s a common assumption that weight gain only happens if we get too sedentary and eat lots of junk food. While these factors can definitely contribute to gaining extra weight, they’re not the only reasons that people put on a few extra pounds. Hormones are a major factor in weight gain and weight distribution, and shifts in hormone levels that are typical as we age can cause the body to store fat in new places as well as build up extra fat.

And, while dieting and exercise are the healthiest way to reach your target weight, the number on the scale doesn’t always translate into the body shape you were hoping for. If your remaining weight is all sitting in your thighs or around your waist, that’s probably not the end result you really wanted.

That’s where liposuction comes in. Body sculpting with liposuction can be the perfect solution for slimming down those last few inches after you’ve reached your target weight, shaping the body into smoother, more attractive lines that better reflect your healthy new lifestyle.