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The Future of Stem Cells and Cosmetic Surgery

shutterstock_107907074There are few topics in the scientific field as hot as stem cell research. This promising avenue may offer some of the largest medical breakthroughs of modern times. In fact, stem cells are already being used in a range of cosmetic treatments, from facials to breast augmentation to feminine rejuvenation. But are these procedures everything they claim to be?

The Potential of Stem Cells

Stem cell therapy has the potential to restore defective tissues in the body, helping men and women achieve greater functionality and more youthful attributes. Today, there are numerous ongoing clinical trials involving the use of stem cells in a variety of medical procedures, from cosmetic to reconstructive. If stem cell therapy proves to be safe and effective for use in cosmetic surgery, the benefits could be substantial.

Waiting for the Facts

However, as with any medical research, it’s important to allow enough time for cosmetic procedures involving stem cell use to be fully understood, including any long-term health effects. Some medical spas and cosmetic surgery practices currently offer procedures that use stem cells in facelifts and breast enlargement. Such treatments should be approached with caution, as they have not undergone rigorous study.

Safe, Reliable and Effective

Cosmetic enhancement of the face and body can help men and women alike adopt an improved self image and more positive outlook on life. For each advertised aesthetic procedure that uses stem cells, there is a tried and true method using traditional techniques that are proven to be safe. Sticking to methods that are reliable, effective and well researched is the best way to achieve the longest-lasting cosmetic results.