What’s Your Perfect Breast Implant Size?

When it comes to breast implant size, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Women differ widely in terms of their preferred breast size, and more often that not, natural anatomy plays a considerable role in the decision. Here is a closer look at the basic elements behind choosing the perfect breast implant size.

Base Width

The base width of your implant correlates with implant profile. A wider base width is featured in low profile implants. Wide implants look best in women with wider frames, as well as women seeking a natural appearance who already have generous breast volume. A narrow implant base, on the other hand, can create the best results in women with narrow frames who desire a more high profile appearance.


Breast implant profile refers to the degree of projection from the chest wall. Low profile implants have a lower degree of projection, dispersing the implant volume across a wider area. High profile implants feature a more prominent degree of projection from the chest, and can create the classic round and lifted appearance. Moderate profile implants offer a happy medium between the two extremes, with a moderate degree of projection for a more subtle accentuation.


While many patients think of breast size in terms of bra measurements, surgeons conceptualize breast size in terms of volume – that is, cc’s instead of cup size.

Keep in mind that the same amount of volume will appear differently on different women, so ultimately, the best breast implant size is the one that works to enhance your natural anatomy while helping you achieve your personal appearance goals – and the answer to that is different for every woman.

What’s Your Perfect Breast Implant Size?
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What’s Your Perfect Breast Implant Size?
Tampa cosmetic surgeon and breast augmentation specialist Dr. Joseph J. Castellano discusses some of the variables behind choosing the perfect breast implant size.
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