3 Reasons Men Love Laser Hair Removal Too

Bare Chested Young ManWhile many men may feel a little out of place when considering cosmetic surgery, in today’s world there’s no reason for any hesitance from men or women about looking their best. Many cosmetic procedures have benefits for male patients, and laser hair removal is one that is growing in popularity. Here are three reasons men often consider laser hair removal (LHR) for either face or body.

1. LHR Can Thin Hair Density

Some of my male patients don’t realize that lasers can thin the density of unwanted facial or body hair without removing it completely. Some men with especially hairy chests or arms can benefit from LHR to help remove some – but not all – of their body hair without going completely baby-smooth. This lets men still enjoy a very masculine appearance while keeping wilder hair growth under better control.

2. Less Embarrassing Than Salon Waxing

As hesitant as men may feel about cosmetic procedures, they often feel even more uncomfortable in beauty salons! Fortunately, LHR is performed in a medical spa setting, saving men the embarrassment of visiting their wives’ hairdressers for waxing treatments. If salon waxing is too humiliating (or too expensive, or too painful) for you to consider, LHR in a medspa setting may be just what the cosmetic surgeon ordered.

3. Improved Self-Confidence

Finally, men are just now learning what their wives and girlfriends likely already know: that LHR can provide a much-needed boost of body confidence, especially during swimsuit season. In Tampa’s semitropical climate, we’re in swimsuit weather most of the year. Why miss out because of embarrassing and unsightly body hair when LHR offers a permanent solution to unwanted hair?