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Breast Augmentation

Looking your best is important to every woman in Tampa. That’s why breast augmentation is one of the most popular surgeries performed at Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center. Breast augmentation also can have a dramatic impact on improving a woman’s appearance, helping you feel better about yourself and your figure.

There are many reasons to consider breast enlargement, such as changes in breast size due to weight loss or following pregnancy, or wanting to create a more proportionate figure in line with your body frame. Women may also choose augmentation in order to create symmetry in uneven breasts. Or, you may simply want a larger cup size and a curvier, more feminine figure.

Request a consultation to meet with Dr. Joseph J. Castellano and learn more about your breast augmentation options. A native of Tampa Bay, Dr. Castellano is a skilled and highly dedicated cosmetic surgeon whose primary goal is ensuring a positive experience with beautiful results.

More about Breast Enlargement

When Breast Augmentation Is Right

The ideal candidate for breast implants will have realistic expectations about the results of their procedure. Patients should already be in good overall physical and mental health. Other factors to take into consideration include your typical level of physical activity, and whether you may want to breastfeed following the procedure.

What to Expect

A breast augmentation first requires a consultation with Dr. Castellano. During this initial appointment, Dr. Castellano will discuss your ideal results and the methods he can use to achieve these results. Since most patients think of implants in terms of cup size, while surgeons refer to implants by their volume, or CCs, it’s important to make sure you are on the same page during this initial consult.

Some patients may bring in photos showing their ideal silhouette as a reference. This can help Dr. Castellano understand what you want to achieve. You’ll also discuss what type of implants will be used, and Dr. Castellano will explain the differences between saline and silicone gel so you can make the right decision based on your needs.

The procedure itself will take an hour or so, excluding the pre-surgical preparation time and the postoperative recovery. Incision size and placement varies depending on the size and type of implant used as well as the placement. Every effort is made to minimize scarring, and incisions are usually placed where they will disappear within the natural contours of the breast after healing.

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Recovery and Results

The initial recovery from your breast augmentation will take about a week, although it may be longer before the swelling dissipates enough to reveal your final breast shape. Most women do feel some discomfort at first, although the amount will vary. Everyone’s body handles surgery differently. However, most patients find they can resume a low-impact routine within the first week. Exercise and other vigorous activity needs to wait a little longer.

With Other Procedures

Augmentation alone will not move the breasts higher on the body, so if you are looking to improve both the size and position of your breasts, a breast lift may be combined with a breast augmentation. Tampa women who choose this option will be able to have both procedures simultaneously, leading to a faster recovery time than two separate procedures would require, plus enhanced results.

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Considering breast implants? Tampa breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Joseph Castellano at the Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center can help you achieve your ideal look.

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