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Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts, is a very common occurrence which can worsen with age. Although the effects are often due to hormonal imbalances, there may be other causes as well.

For men living with gynecomastia, Tampa cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph J. Castellano is able to perform a surgical male breast reduction in order to produce a more masculine chest. Male breast surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for men, and the number of men choosing surgical treatment to resolve their gynecomastia is on the rise.

Request a consultation to meet with Dr. Castellano if you feel self-conscious about your gynecomastia. Our practice is committed to ensuring a positive and comfortable experience for every patient with exceptional results.

When Male Breast Reduction Is Right

The best results following a male breast reduction are seen in those patients who retain realistic expectations and who are in good physical and mental health. Younger men are most commonly afflicted by gynecomastia, and their firm, elastic skin also provides the best capacity for a speedy recovery.

Men who are severely overweight may not be good candidates for surgery. Since the causes of gynecomastia have been linked to anabolic steroids, excessive alcohol consumption or marijuana use, candidates who continue practicing these habits are also discouraged from choosing surgery.

In some cases, lifestyle changes may lead to a nonsurgical resolution of the gynecomastia. The condition may also resolve on its own, or as a result of treating underlying medical conditions which could be contributing factors.

What to Expect

Male breast reduction surgery is most often performed as an outpatient procedure and doesn’t often require a hospital stay. The surgery itself typically takes about 1 to 2 hours, although the time may vary depending on how extensive the necessary correction is.

Incisions will be kept small and inconspicuous whenever possible, and are usually placed either underneath the arm or hidden in the areola, outside the edge of the nipple. During the surgery, Dr. Castellano will remove excess fat, glandular tissue and skin from the sides and bottom of the breast. More involved tissue removal may require a larger incision for better access to the area.

Recovery and Results

Following surgery, a compression garment will need to be worn for the first week or two, continuously. In extreme cases, drains may be inserted for a short time as well. Most patients feel some discomfort for the first few days following surgery.

Swelling and bruising are very common and may disguise the results of your procedure at first. Although these symptoms should dissipate within the first few weeks, it can take up to a few months to truly see the permanent results of your reduction surgery.

Most men are able to return to light activities fairly quickly, sometimes as early as a few days later. More vigorous activities should wait at least a month.

With Other Procedures

In some cases, gynecomastia can be addressed through a combination of surgery and liposuction. Liposuction removes fat cells from the chest area through the use of a small surgical wand called a cannula. Once these cells have been removed, the breast should appear much less prominent. However, using liposuction alone to treat the problem is not always possible, due to the muscular nature of male breast tissue.

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